Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Progress Update....1st set of borders are on....

I got the embroidered blocks trimmed to size. The method the pattern suggested was wonderful. You cut freezer paper to size and center over the embroidered piece and then trim around the freezer paper. It was slick. I then sewed the borders to the prepared center. They fit perfectly!! Now, I'm supposed to outline the seams of the blocks with the feather stitch. If I can figure out how to do it, that will be next. It then has a 4 inch black border and jumbo ric rac where the center and the embroidered blocks meet.....It's almost done.....YIPEE!! Can I just tell you that I have fallen in love with the Crab Apple Hill patterns!!


Rindy said...

This quilt is adorable! You've done a nice job! Such a fun addition to your Halloween haunts.

Threeundertwo said...

Hello! I have been googling around to see who else is working on this quilt. I just finished embroidering the last block. I'm hoping the center and assembly goes smoothly (and quickly!). Glad to hear the freezer paper method works.

Do you have an idea how you are going to quilt it? I've seen both diamond grid and free form versions, and I'm a little undecided at the moment.

Love the colors you chose for your center 9-patches!


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