Sunday, August 30, 2009


I just received a question on Hocuspocusville. With the embroidery, it calls to back the top fabric with a piece of muslin. I did back it with muslin and am really happy with the result. The reason they have you do this is to alleviate the stitches and knots and thread carry overs from showing. It leaves a very nice result. I previously stitched the Over the River and Through the Woods and it had the same requirement to back it with muslin. The finished product is so much nicer when you do this that it is worth the extra time and money spent. Good luck on your project!!


Nedra said...

I always used to do an iron-on interfacing to the back of my red work. Makes a big differce in your threads not showing through doesn't it?

marciea casselman said...

Is that before you stitch or after the project is finished?

Mary said...

Thanks for the response about the muslin. With our Wal-Mart no longer carrying fabric I'll have wait till I get to another town where I can buy some muslin. It's a pain living almost an hour from any fabric. I hope mine looks as good as yours.


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