Sunday, August 24, 2008

I took the patterns for the hotpads from this quilt magazine...

Quiltmaker magazine, issue 123, September/October 2008 had these fun hotpads and a couple other fun projects I would like to try out. I think if you regularly did paper piecing, it would ward off Alzheimers. It really makes your brain get a workout....

Okay, I admit I've had a bit of an obsession with hotpads, however, I can explain....

I bought a magazine that had paper pieced vegetable hotpads. I have a box still of batting scraps that needs used up and recycled, so hotpads are the perfect project to do this. Additionally, with the added challenge of paper piecing, I jumped at the chance to make these. I used the same background fabric to unite the collection of vegetables and then used my scap bag for the various vegetables. I then took the paper pieced vegetables to my favorite store, Bernina,to find a fabric that would bring them together as a group. I bought a dishtowel for the back and yesterday I finished them up. I would rate this project 4/5 for fun, challenge and able to complete.

Thursday, August 21, 2008

I'm working on this little "Spooky" embroidery project...

Stay tuned for the finished project. Hopefully, it will live up to it's name....

Check it OUT...I got a couple of the hotpads done!!

Talk about a fun quick project. Give it a try when you need a little something without too much invested in time and $$$.

Thursday, August 14, 2008

Future Sawtooth Star Hotpads

These hotpads are going to be for my visiting teaching ladies for Christmas. The fabrics are from the Smores collection and I love the little marshmallow snowmen. Keep posted for updates on my progress!!!

I embroidered Easter motifs and made a wall quilt out of this

The pattern had little Easter embroidered pillows. I embroidered the motifs on muslin and then cut them down. The quilt was made out of a charm pack (precut 5" squares of fabric from a designer collection)that I cut down for sashing. It is such a happy quilt and fun to display in the spring.

Embroidered wall quilt--this was really fun to do

The pattern is great for using up little odds and ends of fabric. The embroidery I did on my lunch hours at work and in my spare time, I assembled the quilt together. It was a really fun project. Don't be afraid to start something fun like this. You most likely will enjoy it.


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