Monday, June 29, 2009

Block 4 Finished--Yahoo

Morgana's Apothecary is now complete. I'm truly enjoying this project. It has been more fun to do....

Thursday, June 25, 2009

Fun Times at the Quilt Retreat Continued...

Sister Heather (I'm not sure what she is doing...)

Sisters sharing a mommy and my Aunt Denice...

My sister Carolyn and her daughter, Kristi working on projects.

Sisters Marciea and Rosie deliberating over prizes...

Aunt Patricia up front with her daughter Hillary in the background and Aunt Denice slaving over the iron...

More prize deliberation....

Here I am in the red shirt with sister, Carolyn and my mommy looking on....

Sisters Marciea (slaving over the iron) and sister Rosie with baby Matt....

Cousin Eileen--my mom's cousin who is stateside. The rest of the cousins are in England....

Me, drawing the names for prizes...

Our adopted sister, Darla...I just have to say thank you to everyone who came and for all the participation and help and fun, fun, fun....looking forward to next year!!!

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

It's time for the 6th Annual Family Quilt Retreat

I come from a family of 5 girls and 3 boys. Every year, I host a quilt retreat for my family. The retreat started out just being for my immediate family, but through the years, it has grown to accomodate aunties, cousins and sometimes a couple of friends. We really have a ball when we get together and learn a new block. This year's theme is 4 patch. Thus the vintage looking 4 patch hotpads I created. Each person in attendance will get a free copy of the download available on Crab Apple Hill's website. It is an embroidery pattern of vintage style fruits and vegetables. I am enclosing a square of fabric rolled up inside the pattern. Everyone gets to pick a project to make out of this. I chose the cherries to use some fabric from my recent trip to the Mid-West.

We are having a $10.00 quality gift exchange this year instead of a ton of drawings for gifts. I made this little sewing basket from an old Thimbleberries pattern in an old issue of Better Homes and Garden American Patchwork. It was really fun to make. It snaps shut at the base of the handles and inside, you can put your pins, needles, safety pins and even nestle a spool of thread.

I will follow up with more photos tomorrow when we have the retreat. Stay tuned.....

Saturday, June 20, 2009

Block 3 complete for Hocuspocusville!!

The Bubble and Brew Fly Thru block is now all embroidered. Did I mention earlier that I am using a pearl cotton by Valdani. It is nice stuff. It is a size 12 and is just perfect for this project. I am converted to using this pearl cotton from here on out!!

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Hocuspocusville--a Halloween quilt by Crab Apple Hill

This is a really fun embroidery pattern for Halloween. There are 12 blocks that are done with the primitive embroidery. I decided to stray from the directions of a cream background and chose a sickly green background. I also went with a varigated pearl cotton instead of black floss. This has been a really fun project so far. I have completed 2 blocks to date.

Saturday, June 13, 2009

Fun in the Mid-West

Well, here we are in the Mid-West. Flew into Kansas City and then drove up to my favorite place in the whole world, Nauvoo. On the way, we stopped in Hannibal, MO to have a stretch and some food. This is the home of Mark Twain.

The mighty Mississippi from the Missouri side.

The Mark Twain Memorial Bridge Monument....

The restaurant we ate at. This was interesting. The food marginal, but the people are so nice. We asked the waitress if there was a Wal-mart because we needed to buy better maps. She said...It's not just a Wal-mart, but it's a SUPER Wal-mart. My husband and I have joked about this the whole trip.

The beautiful temple in Nauvoo.

A covered wagon similar to the type used when the people were driven from their homes to the Great Salt Lake Valley.

The Nauvoo star. I ordered this pattern for my memory. The store was out. I was sad.

Handsome husband standing next to Uncle Sam in the charming quilt store, Sew Inspired Quilts, in Nauvoo, IL.

The mighty Mississippi on the Illinois side. This is where the people began their
Exodus out West.

Now that we are in Kansas, I will try to find Dorothy and avoid tornadoes and attend a family reunion......

Monday, June 8, 2009

The Nine Patch Reunion all ready to sew together...

I finally got the blocks pieced together and laid out the quilt. I'm really tired at this point and I hope it looks good. Nothing looks too great right now because I'm exhausted. I will look at it with fresh eyes tomorrow.

Thursday, June 4, 2009

Patchwork Friends Guild Closing Social

These are but a few pictures of the great trunk show provided by my dear friend, Shanna. She has a cabin and has decorated in the theme of "Nautical". Her favorite style is primitive. The trunk show was a delight. I always am inspired by Shanna. Enjoy!!!


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