Monday, September 14, 2009

Crazy Quilt Girls Project

A couple of years ago, our local hospital was adding a new wing called the Womens Center. They asked for the local quilters to donate a quilt so that they could hang them in the Womens Center. When we donated the quilts, they had a special luncheon to honor us and had the quilts professionally framed. It was very nice. I failed to get a picture of mine, but a did a cute little butterfly quilt out of 30's and they put it in the Labor and Delivery area. One of the quilts donated was this Alphabet Quilt done in black and white with each letter depicting a thing or object beginning with that letter. A bunch of us wanted to have a quilt like this for our own and my friend Shanna got it organized. THANKS SHANNA!! She took pictures for ideas, figured yardage and then got us some guidelines to follow. It was all put in this darling pizza box all decorated so cute. I'm really excited to participate in this. My assigned letters are O, W and E. I need to make 9 of each block to exchange. I'm thinking of doing an owl and am undecided for W and E. Any suggestions for W and E? Please comment and help me with this dilema.


Nedra said...

Lets see...
Eggplant, eggs, egg beater, earmuff, Earth, elephant, elk, etch-a-sketch, Eve, eye, eyelashes.
Wedding, worms, winter, wheels, witch, wolf, water, wagon, waffle, wall, watch, whistle.
I hope this helps!
Great quilt by the way, and what a fun exchange.

marciea casselman said...

Wings, water, waffle,
Wow! My creative skills are lacking a bit.
Good luck

Alissa said...

Whale - you could make a darling one

I like eggplant for E...with a really pretty purple

Rindy said...

Fun stuff!
E: Elvira, mistress of the dark

W: Whale
Washing (laundry)

Good luck!

kcenya1950 said...

How cute. The pattern is adorable and what a great idea. Can't wait to see your progress!

Quiltsmiles said...

How is this project coming? Love the idea's already suggested.

A couple more I didn't see were

walnuts, wave(a hand or ocean), wax, Washington Monument, washing (Clothes on a clothes line), wart hog, war, warlord, wag(A dog's tail with an embroidered movement), walkie-talkie,

education, economy, ecology, echidna, ear, earthern ware, earrings, elastic, Eiffel tower, egret, Egypt(ian), electricity, electrons, elemental table, elf, emu, endive, english saddle, engineer, envelope, exercise, equipment, eskimo, Everglades, eleven, exit sign, extinction, ET, Eye

Enjoy your blog and checking out the eye candy often. Nice looking!


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