Thursday, November 4, 2010

Quilt Guild for November...

Another month has flown by and here we are at our November quilt guild. This is the new block for our Journey of a Woman's Life--Motherhood. It is an applique block. Quite darling too!

The next 2 quilts are being donated to birth mothers so that they can have something when they give up their babies for adoption....great cause!

The following pictures are show and share. There are a lot of pictures and some are blurry--sorry.

Hope you enjoyed the show...till next month's show and share...


marciea casselman said...

Wow! There is a ton of work showing in that quilt show and share. Beautiful!

Rae Ann said...

Thanks for sharing your Show and Share. The quilts are beautiful!
What a great idea to give quilts to the birth mothers that adopt their babies out. So cool!

Vicki said...

Hey there:
First off I was showing my DH your blog and the pic of the lady holding a quilt with a green large center and dif color blocks going around the outside and then the strip to separate the pieces. I have been looking for that fabric (the green center) everywhere and no one knows what I am talking about. So I squeled with delight when I saw her's, and DH said hey that's in a ward house. I was so focused on the quilts and projects I hadn't noticed anything in the background. LOL He said I would know those chairs anywhere.
Vicki R


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