Saturday, March 20, 2010

Spring at the Jan Patek

I just finished this little wall hanging for the store. It is by Jan Patek..Spring at the Gate. Since I have not mastered the needle turned applique, this one is fused. Fun project and I think it turned out cuter than the pattern picture. I started to big stitch this, but did not have it in a hoop and all the stitches were pulling. I need to perfect that. It is something I'm going to be working on.


marciea casselman said...

Can you get a big huge quilting hoop? I used to have one but it has gone the way of the world at my house. I could do some quilting projects with it.

Quilts And Pieces said...

Oh I just bought this pattern. I LOVE yours! It is way too cute! I've never been able to quilt without a hoop. I've been watching friends do it and it just puzzles me how they can do that!

Nedra said...

I had the opportunity to take a class from Jan at her farm in Missouri one time. Very nice lady, and I love her work. I remember after a day of classes, and a nice lunch, we sat under a tree and she read to us. It was a treat to see her home and studio.
Nice job on your project.

Alissa said...

That really turned out cute!

廖佳怡 said...
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