Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Ruthie--Santa came through for me...

Meet Ruthie. She is an American Girl 18" doll and she is Kit's best friend. I eventually will get Kit, as she needs to be with her best friend. I love dolls and have a doll collection and I have loved these 18" dolls for years. Ruthie is going to be at my side sewing and occasionally, we'll get to sew for Ruthie. She is from the Depression era and so the feed sack reproductions will come in real handy. That Santa--he sure knows how to make a girl happy!! Everything is coming up hearts--I have begun to assemble the "Heart Attack" quilt. This is a fun one to sew!!
A finished photo of the Wiener Dog Wonderland quilt. This quilt was so much fun to sew! I ended up putting it on the quilt frames and did a big stitch around the dogs and the large hearts and in the border. It is primitive and really suited the quilt. I can't wait to quilt another quilt this way as it was really fun. I used pearl cotton to quilt it with! Maybe you should give it a try as well.


Small House said...

Doing a little (okay, alotta) catching up, and loving it!!

Always wonderful things to see on your blog. You are an amazing chick!!
Have a good day.

Nedra said...

I can see you are working on Valentines things too. I'm looking forward to seeing how Heart Attack turns out.

Rae Ann said...

I love your wiener dog quilt and the fabrics you chose.
I can't wait to see the heart attack quilt finished!

marciea casselman said...

That turned out really cool. I don't think I knew about big stitch quilting. It's a cool idea that sounds like it would go pretty quick.


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