Sunday, December 6, 2009

The Reason for the Season

"I am the Good Shepherd. The Good Shepherd giveth his life for his sheep."
I just love this quilt from the Nancy Halverson Christmas book. She calls the sheep in the lower right hand corner, the wayward one


marciea casselman said...

I guess at one time or another we are all that wayward sheep. Just hopefully not for long. :)

Nedra said...

Fun Christmas quilt. At first I couldn't see the "wayward" part. She's just looking another direction. But, actually, that is the most accurate discription of wayward, now that I think about it. We just need to redirect our view back towards the Savior.

ajandersonguy said...

I like this quilt because it messes with my OCDness of symmetry by having two of the sheep different from the others. I just want to pluck them up and give them their legs. How funny huh?!


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