Wednesday, May 27, 2009

A Girl's Best Friend

I just finished piecing this quilt top for the store. It is "A Girl's Best Friend" by Abbey Lane. This pattern uses templates and there are a lot of points to match up when you sew it together to form the secondary design. It was, however, a fun quilt to do and my daughter really wants it for her.


Sherri said...

What a great it! I can see why your daughter wants it!

marciea casselman said...

Which daughter would that be? It is a very unique and quirky quilt but kind of cute.
Incidentally, I ran into Laura Morgan at Mendon Cemetary on Monday and she told me her daughter got married on Saturday. I started to put two and two together out of the rusty insides of my brain and then figured out the whole quilt thing.
Then when you answered affirmatively, it all made sense.


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