Sunday, May 10, 2009

All things little...

This little bag is called the Little Pouch by Whimsicals. It was a learning curve, but really fun to make. The binding is sewn on backwards from underneath. I had a hard time with the backwards thing, but I thoroughly enjoyed all other parts of the construction. I used 10 charm squares and 2 fat quarters to make this. If you have a stash, consider making up a few. It is 5" x 7" and would hold a camera, cell phone, small wallet and would be great to go shop hopping.

This little coin purse is from a pattern by Amy Butler. I made it with a few charm squares and a fat quarter. I had difficulty around the zipper, but overall was a delightful project to sew.

No these are not colorful muffins, but I copy catted my friend Shanna, who made these up at the quilt retreat I recently attended. They are for my family retreat and they are little pin cushions. It uses very small terra cotta pots and I used charm squares. You cut a circle as big as the charm will allow, then take dental floss and run a running stitch around the edge. Pull up the floss and stuff tight. Hot glue them down into the terra cotta pot. They were way fun to make and I hope they like them.

Little is good and fun and fast. Try it out on one of your weekends......


Nedra said...

At first I thought you had become addicted to the covered button craze. All the projects look great.

marciea casselman said...

I thought they were covered buttons too until I read your post. They are so CUTE!!!
Love all the projects.

Small House said...

What cute little bags. I love those. They will look really nice in the snazzy bags you made awhile ago.

Ya know, you are so good to your family. They will love the pin cushions.
Have a great day.

pal4all said...

i am pleased to see your blog. nice blog


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