Sunday, May 17, 2009

Coming to America...

For our Barwick family reunion in July, I am making an auction quilt entitled, "Coming to America." I got the inspiration to do this while working on my Over the River and Through the Woods quilt. My husband drew up the images and I have been working on the embroidery. Panel 1 is all embroidered. My mother, along with her father and mother and 2 older brothers sailed to America in 1948 on the SSAmerica into New York harbor.

This image is to represent England with Big Ben and the castle.

This image is of the ship, SSAmerica

This image is of the New York harbor
and the Statue of Liberty


Nedra said...

Wow. Your husband is quite the artist. What an heirloom that will be, and I'm sure your family will all love it.

marciea casselman said...

I saw you working on this when we went to Gardner Village and it has turned out nicely.
I'm sure it will be quite the hot item at the auction.
Personally, I think you should KEEP it for yourself. :)

Small House said...

WOW...Your husband is very talented. Love the Nauvoo Temple you are working on to. You've been up to alot. I'm trying to decide how I missed everything. Hmmmm.....
Have a great day.


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