Wednesday, December 31, 2008

The Parable of the Scraps....

Once there was a kingdom where all the subjects were given a basket of scraps. Everyone’s basket was equal with the amount of scraps, however they varied greatly in variety throughout the kingdom.

There were a few rules set forth with these scraps…the subjects were admonished to take what scraps were dealt them and make something beautiful out of them. Another rule was set forth stating they could not trade back and forth for the mixture they wanted, rather, they could only share what they had through acts of true service, otherwise, they had to make do with what they were dealt.

The scraps had darks, lights, mediums and sparklers mixed throughout, however no two baskets were alike with their scraps.

There was a cry of dismay go throughout the kingdom. That’s so unfair, we don’t particularly want what was given to us.

As time went on, the subjects began to see that LIFE HAPPENS. Sometimes we are presented with grave disappointment—maybe in a failed relationship or unsatisfactory outcome. Sometimes others let us down. There are times when we experience grief and sorrow. Perhaps we found out some heartbreaking news or witness the passing of a loved one. I like to call these scraps the DARKS—they add depth. Because we experience them, it adds a new dimension to our lives that we only get by being acquainted with them.

The next group of scraps were broken down into LIGHTS—the blessings that life affords us such as shelter, food, good health and the beauties and wonders of nature, the little moments that take your breath away and you feel thankful. The lights offer sharp contrast to the darks and we appreciate more the lights when we experience the darks.

SPARKLERS come next, for they do just that, sparkle. They are the rays of sunshine on a cloudy day, the small unexpected acts of kindness, the pure joys life has to offer us such as the birth of a child, the magic of believing and the joys derived from service to others. They let us know that hope springs eternal.

Last but not least come the MEDIUMS. They are life’s constants, such as work, family, and friends. They are the glue that holds us together and create balance out of chaos. We often take the mediums for granted because they are blenders. Often they go about unnoticed, but are very necessary.

When the subjects set about trying to make something beautiful with what they were dealt, some found there was no balance, that the dark sometimes overwhelmed the light and they were lacking luster. Soon, the subjects began to discover that by truly giving of themselves, they were able to give to each other some lights and sparklers and in turn greatly enriched their own lives and felt for the first time what it means to be selfless.

Over time, with combined efforts and great giving from one to another, the most beautiful tapestry was woven with tremendous depth, beautiful heights through the lights and an added punch from the sparklers. It was a treasure which truly stood out in the kingdom, because the beauty could not be bought, but only shared. By accepting one another and their difficulties and working together, they learned that even though LIFE HAPPENS, it can be enriching, lovely and of great worth. The subjects began to realize, that no matter what their particular station was in life, all subjects stood on equal ground when it came to life. Sometimes we can control what happens by our choices, but oft times we cannot, and need to have the grace to accept what may lay ahead. It was also discovered that through the darkest of scaps came the most beautiful rainbows of sparkle.

May we go about continuing to build on the beautiful tapestry of life. Share your joys and abundance with those less fortunate. Be friendly and show small acts of kindness along your way and before long, your tapestry will radiate the beauty of your life and what you make from it. Happy New Year to all my bloggity friends and may 2009 be a year worth remembering and treasuring. Make beautiful quilts and tapestries and last but not least, enjoy the journey!


Nedra said...

What a wonderful story. You know, scrap quilts are my favorite. What does that mean?

Kim said...

Me too!! I love scrap quilts and find a way to use as many fabrics possible in a quilt. For example, the scrappy kaleidoscope and the Omigosh quilt has over a 100 different scraps and it's only because my friends and I share our scraps.

Mary, this is beautifully written and I'm touched by your words and expression. That's how I feel about quilting and quilting has brought so much goodness to my life and the friends I've made and the world of blogging has changed my life. Thanks again for your insights and your sweet comments on my blog.

Have a GREAT New Year this Year!


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