Thursday, December 4, 2008

Fun times at the quilt guild Christmas party.

Fun was had by all at the quilt guild Christmas party. We had an ornament exchange, fondue with cheese sauce for the vegetables and meats and chocolate for the cookies, fruit and delectables. Great food, great company. Last but not least we had my favorite, show and share. The following pictures are of the fabulous quilts that have been made by the members of the quilt guild.


Brad and Kate said...

Wow! You guys are amazing! I just drool over all of the quilts that you guys make. They are seriously incredible. I really like that board that says "And all the stockings were hung"... hmmm..., I just started working with wood in the last little bit. I might look into that.

Kritta22 said...

Can I come to one of your meetings?

Vivian Love said...

Beautiful quilts. What a fun guild you have.

marciea casselman said...

My favorite is the presents quilt. I do love that pattern. Which quilt did you show?


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