Friday, December 31, 2010

Belle Scarf

Nedra at Cactus Needle did a post on the Belle scarf. I've been wanting to give this a try ever since. I needed a "K" crochet hook for this project and I could not find my hooks. I have many of them. A trip to JoAnn's today armed with coupons got me this hook. I LOVE IT!!

This is the packaging from the hook. It is a Susan Bates hook with a bamboo handle. I have carpal tunnel and so I have to be careful not to flare it up. This hook is so user friendly that it is on my list of things to share. Go out and get one. You will love it!! The link for the scarf on Nedra's blog is: and have a very Happy New Year!!

1 comment:

Nedra said...

I saw those crochet hooks at Joanns too and was tempted to buy one with my coupon.
And I'm so proud of you for making the Belle Scarf. Looks great already!


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