Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Charity quilt...Check out this quilt that was auctioned off for charity...

I found this darling quilt that is a scrapbuster at . Scroll down on the right side bar until you come to 9 patch gather quilt auction and then double click the button. The quilt was donated to charity and was made of nine patch blocks set into X's. I fell in love with it because of two reasons: it used up scraps and I loved the setting and the eccletic look it had. We have been asked by our quilt guild to donate quilts to birth mothers who bravely give up their babies in hopes that they will have a better life with adoptive parents. It is supposed to give the birth mothers comfort during this difficult time. I thought the name, Nothing but Kisses was just adorable and I felt it was an appropriate design for this purpose. I fell in love with this blog and you might just fall in love too!!


Nedra said...

What a perfect name for a charity quilt. I love any quilt that uses up our stash. You might want to go over and share your ideas with Rae Ann at Stash Manicure. She is always looking for guests to do posts.

Small House said...

A beautiful quilt, successful retreat (which by the way I saw Marins wreath at her apt. CUTE!), bow home from his mission, and the thousand things you throw in to fill your life. Looks like you've been busy (as usual)!! Still not quite sure how you manage to get it all done.
Have a great day.


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