Saturday, March 26, 2011

Texas Braid...

Back in January, I taught a class in our quilt guild how to do the French Braid quilts.  I found this really fun
scrap quilt in Bonnie Hunter's Leaders and Enders book.  You can find it here. It is made up of 2" x 5" pieces of fabric and 2" pieces of fabric.  You use light and dark fabrics for the contrast.  A very fun technique and this quilt is entirely made from stash (most of it small pieces).
A close up of the quilting.  I had it quilted in feathers.


marciea casselman said...

Are you kidding me. That thing looks like it took forever. Which I am sure it did.
But, it is gorgeous and definitely a keeper.

Nedra said...

What a great scrap quilt. That Bonnie always has the best ideas.

Martha said...

Beautiful quilt!! Bonnie Hunter was here (Baton Rouge)a couple of months ago. Love her scrap quilts. I think this is my favorite quilt in the book.

Anne said...

Are the braids on the diagonal or is that just how it's photographed? It gorgeous!


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