Friday, April 30, 2010

What do you do to relax???

I love to embroider. I discovered this a few years ago. It calms me, and it is so portable. I do most of my embroidery on lunch hours or while traveling. Sometimes I steal a few minutes while at home--there is always 1050 things to do besides embroider, but sometimes I choose to do this. Currently, I am working on Winter Wonderland by Crab Apple Hill. Love their patterns--love them. So far, I have made Over the River, Hocuspocusville and now I'm working on this snowman project. Heaven.


Monica said...

I love to embroider too! Crabapple Hill is the best. I have done Tea Party and An Embroiderer's Blessing and currently working on Vintage Trick or Treat and Snowmen A to Z.

Have you checked out Black Cat Creations? They have a few nice patterns too.


I love Crabapple Hill's Winter Wonderland too. Embroidery is so relaxing, saw a little saying the other day that said, "My soul is fed by needle and thread." So true don't you think! Wish I knew who said it. I am going to have a monday mini mystery stitching project starting May 10. Come by if you need another little carry along project, and also a redwork pattern and fabric giveaway to enter by midnight tonight. Cyndi

Darlene said...

Absolutely, embroidery is exactly the way I sit and relax. Crabapple Hill Studio designs are huge favorites. I'm getting ready to start tracing Snowmen A to Z.

Denise in PA said...

Hi Mary - just found your blog! I am on my last Winter Wonderland stitchery block! It is such a beautiful quilt. I have a couple other Crabapple Hill designs. I love the embroidery too. Like you, I find I do most of it during my lunch hour or when traveling. It is very relaxing!


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