Saturday, November 28, 2009

Check out my fun patterns and projects...

As a family, we came down to my brother's house for Thanksgiving in St. George. It is a 6 hour drive and so I came adequately prepared with an embroidery project to work on. It is called Dash Away. It has all the reindeer that help pull Santa's sleigh and it is adorable. I'm almost finished with the embroidery and then you color the reindeer in with crayons and put a tiny jingle bell with narrow ribbon on the necks. I'm going to turn this into a long pillow to tuck in some fun corner.

I found this great pattern called YoYoville by Bunnie Hill. I just love this pattern to pieces and nobody in my neck of the woods carries it and I was going to order it over the internet. They had it here in St. George--yahoo!!!!

I also found this great sewing fabric by Michael Miller at the Daisy Cottage here in St. George. Can't wait to figure out what I want to make with this fabulous fabric!!


Nedra said...

I'm so sorry I was out of town when you came to St. George. I would have loved to take you around to some of the quilt stores. But it looks like you did well on your own. Great finds.

marciea casselman said...

I wondered if you went to a quilt shop while you were down there. That is cute fabric. And I do think the reindeer are awesome even if I am not going to make one.

Sherri said...

Oh you were so close...I'm just one more hour south! I'm definitely going to try to find some of that fabric you got!


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