Monday, April 13, 2009

Here's just a bit of the quilt I just finished for the store. It is really lovely. The fabrics are too gorgeous. I've done a few quilts with this pattern but they were all sewn with different techniques. This one was by far the easiest.


Nedra said...

I've got the pattern all printed off and the quilt is in my line up of "to do's". Yours turned out great.

Momoo said...

It's fun to watch the before and after in your blog. You certainly finish projects in a timely fasion.
I loved your "Pretty In Pink" so much I found the pattern on Ebay and copied your photo in hopes of finding colors as bright and happy as yours.

Small House said...

Mary, the quilt is gorgeous. And the purse is adorable. The brooch is the cherry on top. I still wonder how on earth you get it all done?!!

Have a great day.

marciea casselman said...

That must be the blue and brown quilt. I like the way it's put together with the sashing. I can't imagine it being easier to sew than all the others but it sure looks good.


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