Sunday, November 9, 2008

Block Jack..We do this at quilt guild...

Last year, we started "Block Jack" in our quilt guild. It is open to anyone in the guild. A pattern is picked out for the coming month and distributed to the guild. It is optional whether or not you want to participate. You may make 1-3 blocks that you take back the next month and participate in a drawing. The winner takes all. If you win the blocks, it then becomes mandatory that you keep participating. This month the block was Sunbonnet Sue. Never being a fun of Sunbonnet Sue, I didn't make the blocks, however, when I saw how cute they turned out, I feel like I was left out not making one so I will be making some soon.

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marciea casselman said...

I remember Sunbonnet Sue from the good old days. Always fun to see the things we used to do.


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