Thursday, June 12, 2008

Eagle Quilt for Stanton...

We were very excited when Stanton finally got his Eagle Scout. I beat him done with the quilt by the way. This was a really fun project and Jennifer Pate quilted feathers in the wings of the eagle. Great quilting job!!


marciea casselman said...

Wow, Mary!
You are being quite the current blogger. I do expect a picture of Stanton on the right when he leaves on his mission. It is fun to have it to look at when you visit your own blog.
I need to START a quilt for Court's Eagle Award. I haven't decided what to do yet.
I think that I will have Alyssa do a quilt top this summer.......perhaps a turning 20. She needs something to do to keep her occupied. :)

Alissa said...

That is just beautiful! Stanton should seriously treasure that quilt!

kalie said...

Hi Aunt Mary! You are quite the blogger! I am excited to watch your quilts appear one by one. I love your "About Me" section. Look forward to seeing you in blogland!


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